Bagna Cauda ∼ Hot Garlic, Olive Oil and Anchovy Dip

Bagna cauda is literally an Italian hot sauce typical from Piedmont. Bagna caoda, as it is called in local dialect, represents a convivial dish to share where everyone dips raw, boiled and roasted vegetable in the fujot (terracotta container) along with a tealight under it to keep the sauce hot. Bagna cauda is a mixture made of garlic, extra virgin olive oil and desalinated anchovies, all reduced to a sauce by cooking patiently. If you want you can add milk and cream . The dish is best when consumed during the fall and winter, due to its qualities of warming up during the cold days, and as its legend says, was served after the grape harvest.
bagna cauda hot garlic olive oil and anchovy dip - world gluttony

bagna cauda hot garlic olive oil and anchovy dip 2 - world gluttony
Bagna Cauda ∼ Hot Garlic, Olive Oil and Anchovy Dip
Number of People: 6
A hot sauce in which to dip all vegetables you like!
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Total Time
Total Time
  1. 600 g of anchovies
  2. 3 heads of garlic
  3. 1250 ml of cream
  4. milk (to taste)
  5. extra virgin olive oil
  6. -
  7. 6 boiled potatoes
  8. 4 boiled onions
  9. 1 small boiled cauliflower
  10. 1 cooked or raw pepper
  11. 1 radicchio
  12. 2 fennels
  13. 1 small celery
  14. 1 cabbage
  15. 1 raw thistle
  16. 1 beetroot
  1. Put two fingers of extra virgin olive oil in a saucepan and add the garlic clean without soul and wash it all down with the milk until the garlic will not come apart.
  2. When the mixture becomes like a cream add the anchovies previously cleansed and make them dissolve.
  3. As a final procedure to put the cream and stir until the cream boil.
  4. Upstream you have to clean and wash the vegetables that will be dipped in bagna cauda, which is served in fujot terra cotta in which a candle hot held for the duration of the meal.
  1. You can get a better blend of the ingredients using the blender.
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