Food Glorious Food

Food is more than just the need to keep one’s body going. Shared, it reinforces friendships and family ties. Consumed for one’s own health, it can prevent illness, but in excess also brings it on.

Why feel guilty for having had a slice of buttery cake? Why banish whole categories of food from one’s plate unless for ideological reasons in opposition to intensive industrial farming, for example?

Roll it around in your mouth, savour, get all it has to offer and enjoy! Something you’ve never liked? Try again, cook it differently. You may like it now.

Learn to love it, to re-love it, and to enjoy it. Too tired to cook after a day at work? No problem. Get rid of your microwaveable dishes.

This blog is a hommage to the best that cooking can offer: generosity, creativity, health and above all, enjoyment.

Choose from among the simpler tasty recipes on hand here. With each article, we’ll offer you a new look at different dishes, ingredients and natural products of the land. Enjoy your food and share it as much as you can!

World Gluttony

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