Ladybird Starter

The ladybird starter gives a wave of joy to children and joy to the palate for adults. This lovely appetizer is very simple to prepare and takes only a few minutes. It looks very inviting and it only takes one bite to taste it fully. Excellent with an aperitif or as a complement to a proper starter. Guaranteed to put a smile on your faces.

ladybird starter


  • 5 cherry tomatoes
  • 3 pitted black olives
  • 10 Ritz crackers
  • cream cheese
  • rosemary
  • tapenade

METHOD Cut the cherry tomatoes into quarters vertically. Cut the black olives into quarters, first vertically and then horizontally.

Spread some cream cheese on the ritz crackers.

Put 2 pieces of the tomato quarters, 1 piece of black olive as in the picture.

Decorate with 2 rosemary sprigs between the cherry tomatoes and the black olive.

With the help of a toothpick, make the dots using the tapenade.

Lay everything on roman lettuce leaves.

I am not a professional chef, but just an ordinary guy who loves international food, trying new flavours and cooking when I am in the right mood. I don’t usually follow recipes, unless they are too complicated and need to be read. I love using whatever ingredients are available at home and make my meals from scratch.

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