Moroccan Chickpea Soup on Couscous

Moroccan chickpea soup is very simple but its preparation starts 1 day in advance as chickpeas need to soak in water and then cook for a while. Where I come from, chickpea soup is well known especially on the first week of December for some religious celebrations. A trip to Morocco made me discover how some rosemary leaves, added during the cooking process, will make a difference giving the soup that typical Mediterranean taste. Just what it is needed to trigger the flavour of chickpeas. I’ve been cooking for many years and I am still amazed how just few plain ingredients, combined together, can deliver successful dishes and here is the proof. The best part is pouring the Moroccan chickpea soup on couscous. What can I add more? The dinner is now complete!

moroccan chickpea soup on couscous

for 2 people

500g dry chickpeas
2 carrots
1 celery stick
2 little rosemary branches
1 onion
2 cups couscous
extra virgin olive oil
sea salt

moroccan chickpea soup


Leave the chickpeas soak in water for at least 12 hours. When done, rinse them accurately and put them in a large pot with plenty of water.

Add 1 grated carrot, 1 carrots cut in 6 pieces, very thin slices of 1/2 onion and celery, 1/2 whole onion and all the rosemary leaves from the little branches. Season with sea salt and let it simmer until the chickpeas are tender. Add a splash of extra virgin olive oil.

In a saucepan, bring to boil 2 cups of salted water, add the couscous, 4 spoons of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of turmeric. Stir all well, turn the heat off  and cover with a lid. Leave to rest for 8 to 10 minutes and stir with a fork.

Put the couscous on a large dish covered with some chickpeas as in the picture.

Serve yourself on pasta bowls adding chickpeas broth as you like.

I am not a professional chef, but just an ordinary guy who loves international food, trying new flavours and cooking when I am in the right mood. I don’t usually follow recipes, unless they are too complicated and need to be read. I love using whatever ingredients are available at home and make my meals from scratch.

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