Puy Green Lentil and Mushroom Salad

Puy green lentil and mushroom salad is simply delicious, nutritious and easily adaptable anytime. This dish won me over from the first bite, and every bite since. It is true that one never stops discovering new dishes, by chance, just when least expected, and above all in the most unlikely of places. It was exactly in the VIP lounge of one of the London’s airports, feeling very excited to leave for another of my umpteenth adventures, that I noticed among the boring buffet of salad dishes, an interesting looking cold salad made from speckled lentils and mushrooms. Being a great lover of legumes, I did not hesitate for a second to try it. I had never thought about lentils being used in salads because they always echo and compliment the hot soups and casseroles of winter. However, it was delicious and I did not limited myself to one portion, but three! I savoured this meal very slowly out of sheer greed, whilst in my head stealing the recipe and list of the ingredients of this delicious puy green lentil and mushroom salad. As soon as I returned from my vacation, this puy green lentil and mushroom salad became my obsession. I made my own version, trying to stay as close as possible to the one I experienced at the airport. I was very happy with the result thanks to the choice of using Puy green lentils, for their intense flavour and ability to maintain shape and colour when cooked, and chestnut mushrooms for their pronounced scent and nutty flavour. If you are fond of legumes and do not want to live without them throughout the summer months, this dark green lentil and mushroom salad is definitely the right dish.
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Puy Green Lentil and Mushroom Salad
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Preparation Time
Cooking Time
Total Time
Preparation Time
Cooking Time
Total Time
  1. 250 g of green lentils from Puy / speckled lentils
  2. 250 g of chestnut mushrooms
  3. 2 spring onions
  4. 2 sprigs of thyme
  5. ½ lemon
  6. extra virgin olive oil
  7. parsley
  8. black pepper
  9. sea salt
  1. Rinse the lentils well. Put them in a large pot with salted cold water, add 2 sliced onions and 1 sprig of thyme. Cook until they become crunchy or al dente.
  2. Wash and slice the mushrooms, put them in a pan with a little extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and the remaining sprig thyme leaves. Cook until they sweat and all the water has evaporated.
  3. Drain the lentils, pour into a large salad bowl, add the mushrooms, lemon juice, a handful of chopped fresh parsley, extra virgin olive oil and, to taste, freshly ground black pepper and mix everything.
  4. If necessary, add more salt.
  5. Stir and let cool.
  6. Leave in the fridge for at least an hour before serving.
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